Thursday, November 12, 2009

News Flash: Winter is Coming!

Yeah, it shouldn't have been news to me. We've had our first frost, and last night the temps dipped below freezing again. But for some reason, it suddenly occurred to me two nights ago that it's getting cold and I hadn't even started M's fingerless gloves for work.
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This is some Plymouth Encore DK I had in the stash closet. I have a sneaking suspicion this was used to knit the previous year's gloves; the color is similar, but I also have a partial ball of Sirdar Country Style in the same color. Ah well, the old gloves didn't do too badly considering how much wear they get.

I'm also still working on the second Christmas Stocking, this time knitted inside out to try to control the long floats. I think it's even more difficult to keep the floats from puckering the fabric when using a worsted weight yarn for a smaller project like this. So far it's looking good, but it really takes a mind shift to get used to knitting from the back needle instead of the front.
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(I'm also working my way through Redshirt Knitting's archives. I started in 2006, and I'm up to April 2008. Yes, I do feel like a stalker, thank you. But I either have time to blog occasionally, or comment occasionally, and often I have time for neither one.)

I'm still spinning the BFMA Sheep to Shoe. After today, I'm 2/9ths through the final third bobbin. My right knee is most displeased with me.

Finally, a question. Why did I bother knitting this sweater? I could have just piled the yarn up on the futon and knit something I'll actually be allowed to wear.
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Cindy said...

You're kidding, right? If you had piled the yarn on the futon, your kitty would have ignored it. Cats are quite discriminating;-P