Sunday, July 19, 2009

First, my non progress on my TDF goal:

I managed to finish the second third of the second third batch of roving. To recap: I split the entire roving into thirds, trying my best to match the color shifts in each third. I spun the first third straight through. Since the original roving is wider than my palm and as thick as my fist (and I have pretty wide hands), the color changes are quite long on that bobbin. For the current bobbin of singles, I split the roving lengthwise into thirds, and I'm spinning them each in sequence. So the color changes will be long, but not as long as the first bobbin. I'm toying with the idea of splitting the last third of roving into nine lengths, to truly have a fractal yarn. (I may be a slight math geek.)

Next, a rare Finished Object. These are the plain socks with twisted rib that I blogged about last time. I finished them mostly during my lunch hour and a few outdoor concerts. I grafted the toe while watching the Cardinals game Friday night.

They fit well enough, but the heel is a little baggy. I think they will be fine once they've been washed. I love Opal Southwest Collection's colors; I almost wish they'd reissue them. It seems like most of the self-patterning sock yarns in the stores are garish stripes. I debated whether to actually knit this yarn, or just keep it for posterity since I can't get more. My anti-hoarding, sock-wearing side won the battle.

And in the interest of fair play and including the mandatory Gratuitous Cat Picture, this is Logan. He's a little too fond of yarn, so all my projects live behind closed doors and zippered bags. (He's been known to fish projects out of tote bags, then take off across the house with them.)

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Cindy said...

I'm in love with Logan. I've had the house open for three days and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh, and I love your socks, too. Pretty colorway. You are making me feel like a sloth on the TDF. I'm still on the first bobbin. One I've been working on for over 2 months now. Yikes.